Clingy 6 week old boy.

Clingy 6 week old boy.

Postby Lori_the_mermaid » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:22 am

So I had my son almost 7 weeks ago and I just went back to work on friday. I was so happy to be back as my husband is currently out of work because of an injury, so we are really tight on money. My first day back, he cried for 2 hours and refused to let my husband put him down. (I told my husband to just hold because he isn't gonna stop crying if not. He does it to me all the time.) But other than that, he mostly slept. Today, omg. Apparently he was awful. Super cranky, (his doctor says his gums are thinning and he will start cutting teeth soon, so they is adding to his discomfort on top of, acid reflux and not wanting to eat) crying non-stop since I left at 2pm til I got home at 1:30 a.m he refused to eat for my husband from 7-11 pm and when he did eat, it was barely half an ounce. I'm worried because he's only 6 weeks old. He should go that long without eating. I've already made another appointment for Monday morning, but I figured I could ask other moms for their experiences. I'm his primary care giver. I do literally everything. Could it just be the gums hurting and reflux why he won't eat, or could it really be that he is so attached to me, he cried almost the entire time I was gone? Is that normal? Is that even a thing. I'm only 21, first time mom with no friends and my family isn't apart of our lives. I'm not sure who really to talk to or ask... So if you mommy's could, I would really appreciate it.
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Re: Clingy 6 week old boy.

Postby cats_cupcakes » Tue Apr 18, 2017 3:39 am

A baby that young will definitely want his mommy. All babies are different but it's fine if yours is that way. Don't worry too much. But I would suggest maybe taking a bit more time off work and trying to get your son used to his father some. You can hold your son together and feed him together so that he's used to his dad. Eventually you can start to break away if things are going okay. I hope this helps! Good luck
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