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I'm 26 and have just recently been diagnosed with pcos. I have been dealing with extreme periods for almost 11 years now and have been jumping from one doctor to another the entire time. This is the first real diagnosis I have gotten but I'm not sure what it means. I have pamphlets that scratch the surface but they don't say if this is a life long battle or what?! My gyn put me on progesterone and told me my cycle should return to normal, but there is a problem. I have no idea what a "normal period" is. I've never had one, since I was 15 and started my periods have been very unpredictable. They range from 2 days long to 8 months long and there is no way of knowing how much time I will have in between. Does anyone know anything about pcos? Any information is useful at this point.
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Postby Steph0494 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 5:58 am

Hello there! I have PCOS as well, i got diagnosed about 4 months ago. Basically what it means it's that your ovaries don't release the mature eggs when they're supposed to in each period. A normal cycle should last 28-32 days approx. and period should last 4-7 days. Before I got diagnosed I could go 6 months without getting my period, and when I did got it it was a nightmare, super heavy flow that sometimes lasted 12 days and the most horrible cramps you could ever imagine. Since I started treatment with Metformin and birth control I have been having my period every 28 days and no pain at all.
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