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Confused helpppppppp

Postby Sunshinegg » Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:49 am

Hi so lately in my lasts periods, I haven been bleeding instead, I have kinda black liquid come out of me, and so I’m really worried that it’s something bad, idk anybody have ideas of what could it be
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Re: Confused helpppppppp

Postby love_letter » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:42 am

Old blood tends to turn brown. When you have very scant menses that take a long time to exit the cervix and vagina because the flow is so light, sometimes it can be a dark brown that looks almost black.

It might be nothing to worry about. Any reason why your period may have become lighter in recent months? Have you lost weight or been under a lot of stress?

On the other hand, I've noticed BV has a tendency to produce black-looking menses, but if you don't have any other symptoms like pain & bleeding after s*x, or unpleasant smelling odd-colored discharge between periods, then that's a less likely possibility.

Most likely it's just old blood taking a while to exit the body and nothing serious to worry about. But if you have other symptoms or a feeling there's something wrong, no harm in seeing your gynecologist to get checked out just in case.

Try not to worry too much; stress is horrible for your health. Good luck :)
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