How much do u wear

Re: How much do u wear

Postby amandagirl999 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 8:07 am

My go-to everyday makeup consists of:
• Black eyeliner pencil (top waterline)
• Brown eyeliner pencil (bottom waterline)
• Black mascara (eyelashes)
• Blackish-brown mascara (eyebrows)

I guess this can be considered a natural look since nobody ever notices that I'm wearing makeup when I do it.

My makeup when I'm feeling extra consists of:
• Eyeshadow in at least 4 different shades (eyelids)
• Liquid eyeliner (top lash line, and always winged on outer and inner corners when I do wear it)
• Black eyeliner pencil (top waterline)
• Eyeliner pencil that matches outfit (bottom waterline)
• Black mascara (eyelashes)
• Black brow powder (eyebrows)
• Contour (hollows of cheeks, nose, hairline. jawline, below bottom lip, and lightly by the outer area of my eyes to give my cheekbones that extra shape and lift)
• Baby powder (just to bake my face)
• Highlight (cheekbones, tip of nose, the ramp on my nose between my eyes for the thinning illusion, chin, brow bones, Cupid's bow, and lightly above my eyebrows)
• Bronzer (which I actually use as blush because it's classy AF)
• Lip liner (always in a natural tone though because my lips don't work well with unnatural colors)
• Lipstick (which obviously has to complement the lip liner that I'm using)
• Pearly lip balm (which I dab on the center of each lip to give the illusion of plumpness since I'm not comfortable with putting powdery makeup on my lips)
• Setting spray (to set my makeup on my whole face)

I don't really use foundation or concealer because my skin is already evenly colored/almost completely flawless, but I still need my contour because without it, my face has no shape.
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Re: How much do u wear

Postby flopsy » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:32 am

😯 that's alot amanda. How long does it take to put it all on? Just curious...I don't wear any makeup at all. :-)
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Re: How much do u wear

Postby autumnbear12321 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:14 pm

That's a lot try to tone down to contour 3 shades of shadow mascara and a tinted gloss 1 shadow for the lid 1 shadow for the creas and 1 shadow for under the brows contour for shape and a tinted gloss gives colour and plumpness
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