I need mom advice

I need mom advice

Postby Gelski » Mon May 22, 2017 3:22 am

I'm 17 and going to be 18 in two months. My mother always told me when I had s*x I needed to tell her so we could go to the gynecologist. She said if I hadn't lost it before 18 then we would need to see one anyway. I recently had s*x on prom night with my ex boyfriend on prom night April 29th and I have yet to tell my mother because he said not to do so. We broke up recently because he said he wasn't over his ex and we continued to have s*x anyway. I told him recently I didn't want to be a side chick and I was done with it. That we weren't exclusive and he could see whoever he wanted. He didn't respond to my message and it's been about a day. I'm not sure what to do we dated freshmen year and it was for a year. We broke up for about two years and then got back together this year. We had always talked about s*x on prom night and I knew it was to soon but we had talked about it forever so I did it anyway. The day we got back together we had s*x. The next week he said he wasn't over his ex and that wasn't fair to me. My parents don't know I didn't go to prom. I'm not sure what to do anymore. I need help. Someone please help me.
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Re: I need mom advice

Postby Anyaurora » Mon May 22, 2017 2:39 pm

Talk to your mom. She already expressed that you can talk to her about this. Now that you've had s*x, you need to see a gyno, have a pap and discuss birth control options. Your health comes first, be responsible and get this taken care of.

And the boy.... he knew how he felt about his ex before he slept with you. I wouldn't give someone who obviously took advantage of the way you felt about him, a second chance.
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Re: I need mom advice

Postby Moosey » Wed May 24, 2017 9:37 am

Gelski- go to your mother now. Tell her everything. Always remember that your mother was your age once and faced the same problems with boys and s*x that you are facing. This is why mom came to you and tried to open the door- she knew it was going to happen eventually. Your mother wants you to practice safe s*x ect. And you do need your gyno exam and birth control. This boy( he is no man) used you. He got what he wanted from you and knew when you had s*x he wasn't going to be in a relationship with you. A-hole. Do not let him back in- he will try to come and go- to this other girl and you. Have enough self respect to tell him off. I'm very sorry your first experience ended this way. Before you have s*x with a guy again- make sure you are both on same page regarding the relationship. Invest time with the guy before you give yourself to him. Your mother can tell you all of this. Always remember- your mom was a teenager too- with boy troubles ect. We never want to see our parents this way but true. She wants to talk to you hun.
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Re: I need mom advice

Postby CountryStrong97 » Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:35 pm

Your mom doesn't need to know who with. Just tell her that you need to see that gyn soon. Mothers usually don't ask questions that'll make you feel uncomfortable. If she asks who with just remind her that it's none of her business. As far as the boy. Leave him. I know you have feelings for him but he's shown you that he ain't worth it. I believe he used you just for s*x on prom night. Move on. You'll feel love again. I promise
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