Irregular period calendar

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Irregular period calendar

Postby Reven » Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:24 am

How to set mu calendar to irregular period for me to know the fertility and ovulation date? Are those exact??
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Re: Irregular period calendar

Postby Wise_Girl » Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:55 pm

Okay, so to adjust your period calendar to be more accurate for irregular periods, go into Settings.

There are three specific menus that you can use: Period Length, Cycle Length, and Ovulation & Fertile. In all three of those, there is a setting called "Use Average." This you can toggle on and off with the button on the right. If you tap the words "Use Average," a little window pops up with the options of using the past 1, 3, or 6 months of data to calculate an average. Alternately, you can choose "Smart Calculate," which will simply compile the data from all of your past period entries.

I, myself, have irregular periods and this app will predict my period starting within a couple days. It's only been exact a few times. To estimate fertility and ovulation, you basically need to take however many days off the app was in estimating your period and do the same thing to its estimation of your fertility and ovulation days.

For example, if it said your period was supposed to start on the 21st, but it started on the 25th, that's off by 4 days. You then need to look at when your fertility cycle was supposed to start and assume that will begin four days after the app says it will.

While this app is exact for quite a few people, those of us with irregular periods have a much harder time. If you are trying to avoid getting pregnant, it is simply safer to use a condom or some other form of reliable birth control (you can find statistics of the reliability of the most common forms of birth control with a simple Google search). If you are trying to get pregnant, consider an at-home fertility test! It's similar to a pregnancy test in that you pee on a stick to test the natural hormones.

No matter what happens, good luck to you! I hope this really long post helped. :)
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