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Postby Jeniffer16 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:45 pm

Yeah, do it twice a week, and if you leave on overnight then you can get better results, because is going to have more time to work

Unlike your hair, mine is really REALLY parched and the oils help me with that, but also to hydrate my hair I put on mayonnaise with vanilla always I wash my hair, I start from the scalp, but I do it in the whole hair. “I know a lot ☺️☺️ because I was getting crazy months ago when I was losing my hair ☹️ now I’m seeing the results of all those sacrifices”. If you need something else, in here 😘
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Re: Olive oil for hair.

Postby nighttimegazer » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:30 am

flopsy wrote:I have not used olive oil so not sure. I used coconut oil in my daughter's hair though. It seemed to really help. Her hair became thicker and grew a fair amount. I was really pleased with the results. She's been asking for it again, but I'm waiting for spring to roll around. I massaged it into her scalp and hair and left it in until evening. I think normally it is left in for 20 or so minutes and then the hair is washed. I used it several times a week, depending how fast the oil was absorbed by the hair.

Thank you, I’m hesitant to use coconut oil because there are mixed reviews. Some said it helped, some said it caused their hair to fall out but I’ll just see what happens I guess.
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