First eye and dental exam


First eye and dental exam

Postby autumnstorey » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:23 pm

My son's pediatrician had said nothing about his first eye or dental visit. I have a condition with my eyes that is genetic. I mentioned it to his doc and she didn't really say anything about it. I was told that my eyes could have been fixed before I turned 2 but they didn't become a problem until I was about 10 and by then it was to late. I did a Google search and it said he should habe already had a comprehensive eye exam at his 6 month check up but he didnt. I actually asked them to check his eyes at 9 months and all I got was a "why should we check them now" after I already told them my problem. We are changing his pediatrician as soon as he turns 2 and has most of his vaccines done.
For the dental part, google said 1 year was a good time for the first dental visit. Again, his doc hasn't said anything about it. He is getting some molars and it's making his mouth bleed. Should we go ahead and make an appointment to get both checked?
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Re: First eye and dental exam

Postby flopsy » Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:03 am

I would ask an optomitrist and dentist. They would have more knowledge in that.
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Re: First eye and dental exam

Postby Mommyt0715 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:25 pm

From experience with my 3 they don't check eyes until about 1.5 years old. You got to remember their vision isn't that good especially at what 9 months like your child is. They're still developing at a rapid pace their whole bodies. What you may find out now about his or her eyes all can change in a matter of a short time.
My kids Dr never said anything either. 18 month check up they took a picture of my Daughters eyes. This was just last year, it came back she has a small issue. Went and had a vision screening done and come to find out Thy said it's pretty normal for a kid her age to have this issue that some grow out of it it's just their eyes growing or she will need glasses but they won't even think about it for 5 years.... before she starts school they want her back. In your case you can make an appointment with a optical place for kids especially if you are worried you don't need a Dr approval for that. Issues with eyes can go from parent to baby. If you had eye issues baby very well could. I really just think your Dr isn't too worried because it wouldn't show right now or if there was more serious problem right now you would've already had a vision screen done. . And the Dentist too. Rule of thumb is take baby in once their first tooth appears or at least by first bday and every 6 months there after. Dr wont tell you mine never did.....

Good luck!
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