Miscarriage/bfp weeks later (please help) :(


Miscarriage/bfp weeks later (please help) :(

Postby Dori » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:25 am

I had a miscarriage on July 16th (at 6 weeks). The doctor told me my HCG was 23 (193 two days before).

3 weeks later I started spotting so after 3 days of spotting I took a pregnancy test and its positive. I scheduled an appointment which was today and my hcg level was 19.

The doctor said she doesnt believe i could have gotten pregnant so quick and believes it could be the same pregnancy still leaving my body (ectopic). Had an ultrasound done today and waiting on results this Monday.

I had spotting and I believe it was implantation bleeding. This ever happen to anyone before? Im really hoping to hear this is a new pregnancy but is it even possible?
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